Some of these projects were born out of pure curiosity, some out of love of an idea. And some just because my mind can go to strange places sometimes.


Here are some random creations of mine.




Bionic brewery exploded onto China's craft beer scene in early 2014. Rapid early success of Bionics first location led to the desire to revisit the brands core concepts. I partnered with Bionics owner Joe Finkenbinder to develop its story and visual identity. Bottling of the brew demanded labels and packaging, while the overall story started to crystallize into the spirit of the city Bionic was born: Shenzhen as Cyberpunk.
Graduate research and design project. Collaborating with aerospace and industrial design students, we were given the task to design prefab modular housing prototypes to be deployed as a solution to exploding populations worldwide and in disaster relief situations where rapidly built, fully serviced housing is needed most. these modules are standardized yet customizable for sustainable systems and/or aesthetic configurations. The idea here was treating the house as if it was built like a car or plane.

ZOOBORG light sculptures are based on a gaggle of characters brought to life via Bluetooth smart lamp technology. They live in an tropical industrial wasteland in the year 2092.
Metropodox is a graphic work of science fiction. A hyper futuristic vision of a global society gone ape. It follows the story of two cities on a planet, each plugged into an emerging superstructure code named new strata. New strata is an elevated, unpopulated frontier in the sky. It floats above the superstructure, everybody works for the superstructure, it is invisible. The city below the superstructure is a layer cake, miles thick, orbiting the void. This city is half gear, half stage half arena, half vessel. It is the womb of the hologram. It is sparsely populated by the tribes of superstructure. This city is supported by the icons, these are the engines that feed the void. They are smaller cities which mine the perfifery, the perifery forms the ancient realm of city 0. It is an inversion of the superstructure. It has a million solid centers. All these structures form a heirarchy, and all of them wrap the planet in a totally advanced, deadly exotic human ecosystem.